Web Projects: Spring 2018

In the spring of 2018 the College-Level Computer Science class at Loomis Chaffee used the Elm programming language to create web applications.

These projects were commisioned by faculty at Loomis Chaffee to serve a variety of purposes. Students worked with their clients to define and complete the project.

Project List

Lacross Substitutions
a tool for creating substitution schedules given a roster of players
created by Andrew Schreibstein, Michelle Park, and Ritvik Jatti
commisioned by Hannah Saris
Robotics Scouting
a tool for scouting the opposition at an FTC tournament
created by Dzhangir Bayandarov and Kohl Reddy
commisioned by Ewen Ross
a tool for identifying which sequence is amplified by PCR
created by Andrew Donshik and August Donovan
commisioned by Scott MacClintic
Binary Clock
a binary display of how many seconds you've been alive for
created by Ben Rush and Louisa Gao
commisioned by Ben Fischer
Random Art
random art, generated based on a few numbers
created by Angel Song and Olivia Malcolmson
commisioned by James Sainz
Disc Golf Tracker
a tool for tracking your performance on a disc-golf course
created by Eugene Kim and Ken Li
commisioned by Hudson Harper

The source for these tools can be found here.